Happy Father's Day to you all!


Father's Day is in the weekend! So today we would like to introduce you our Chairman, Flomo Shen.

The 88-year-old Chairman of FLOMO, Flomo Shen, is a self-made entrepreneur. From a suitcase to build an entire stationery kingdom, at the twilight of his life, the chairman's career has reached a new peak. Our chairman, Flomo Shen, was born in 1934. Not only does he have a successful career in the stationery industry, and putting all of his efforts into promoting non-toxic erasers around the world for our children to have a better living environment in the future, he also received an award for Role Model Citizen in his home town, Tainan.

William Lai Ching-te, the Vice President of Taiwan and the Mayor of Tainan from 2010 to 2017, pointed out that Chairman Shen started from scratch and has always spared no effort in caring for underprivileged students. In 2009, he launched an eraser donation activity to give away environmental-friendly and non-toxic erasers of his enterprise, FLOMO Stationery, to schoolchildren, which at the same time, promoting the concept of environmental protection. 

The FLOMO Education Foundation and FLOMO Academy, which he founded all by himself, helping the underprivileged students to learn English with the high quality but free lessons providing by the foundation.  Besides teaching English, the foundation also emphasizing moral character. When it comes to helping others, Grandpa Shen is generous, from the bottom of his heart that he wants to give back to society.

Tainan City began to promote English as the second official language. The biggest support for this policy is from the FLOMO Education Foundation. The chairman not only donated NTD 10 million to the office but also if other cities need help, the foundation will assist them. In addition, they will invest NTD 30 million to support the central government to promote English learning quality in Taiwan. The FLOMO Foundation also provides scholarships for underprivileged students and cooperated with more than 40 elementary schools in Tainan and Kaohsiung to provide free after-school English tutoring for underprivileged students, which benefits 800 students every year.

For all the years of supporting the people, the chairman has announced that he'll continue to help society still.